About us

Coatech specialises in the application of all types of resin systems for commercial, domestic and industrial sectors. We pride ourselves on using the highest quality materials from market leading suppliers, and providing all our clients with a quality finish and professional service

Coatech remains today a family run company …we believe that makes us different. So whether your project is 5 m or 5, 000 metres we will offer you the same personal touch and impartial advice about which flooring solutions are best suited for your project. As experts in our field, we fully understand your requirements from your surface and also the professionalism required of a contractor working with you on your project

We recognise that the technicalities of resin can be confusing and that every floor and surfacing project is different; this is where we can help. We can carefully explain whatever is required for any resin flooring system

We have a wealth of experience and technical knowledge in a broad range of industries and spanning over 50 years. As we are an applicator of one of the broadest ranges of resin systems in the UK, we can offer completely independent advice on what is best suited. Our portfolio, client base and amount of repeat or recommended custom is testament to our capabilities

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