Why Choose a Resin Floor?

Resin Coatings 1

The sheer durability and longevity of resin surfaces mean it is now becoming an increasingly popular option across all industries. The versatility of resin flooring is endless with countless uses within pharmaceutical, aviation, food manufacture, education, leisure and retail, healthcare and domestic markets to name but a few

The long lifespan of resin floors negates the need to replace the surface regularly not only resulting in less disruption but also reduces the costs involved frequent uplift and resurfacing

Resins provide a very cost effective alternative to short-life products such as vinyl’s, and many flooring options such as tiling simply no-longer meet the health and safety requirements of a number of environments

Many resin systems can be overlaid onto existing sound substrates, which further reduces disruption and allows the surface to be handed over in short time frames

Numerous flooring problems such as slipiness, poor drainage, cracking, chemical erosion, can easily be solved using resin flooring systems, and we will happily advise on how we can help you overcome these issues

What next?

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