CASE STUDY : Coleg Menai

Coleg Menai 1 Coleg Menai 2

Heavy Duty…

Coatech was asked by local contractor Anwyl Construction to work with them on a project at the Energy & Fabrication Centre in Llangefni for Coleg Menai

This involved the resurfacing of the Metal fabrication and welding workshops of the college. In all 250 m² of Workshop floors were coated, and a further 170 m² to a Plant room

The floor was first scabbled and ground to remove all surface contamination and oil and grease from other trades. All equipment was fitted with industrial vacuums to ensure dust free preparation

The floor was then primed with an epoxy primer and allowed to cure The product selected, Flowcrete’s HF was than installed with a screed sledge and then trowelled to a smooth flat finish

Finally line marking and hatching was then added to the top coat in a safety yellow to designate walkways

What next?

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