CASE STUDY : Denbighshire Playgrounds

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Helping the Local Community…

Denbighshire County Council approached Coatech to work with them on their initiative to refurbish many play areas across the whole county

After inspection of the various playgrounds, a plan and sequence of works was put together and approved by the Council

Some play areas were just in need of refurbishment or repair and others required a complete renovation with the removal of the existing surface and replacement with a new, safe surface

Rubber crumb was laid to the critical fall height thicknesses required based upon on the height of the play equipment above the surface. The edges between the rubber crumb flooring and the surrounding grass were separated with close fitting wooden battens, providing a neat and tidy transition between the two surfaces

Coatech worked closely with the Council, completing the works as quickly and efficiently as possible ensuring that the parks were not closed during school holidays or weekends; times when the playgrounds were in constant use

What next?

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