CASE STUDY : KapaK Foods

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Tired, bare, concrete floors transformed…

Coatech was awarded the contract for a new Seamless Resin Floor to 4032 m² production warehouse. The product selected was a 3mm Self levelling polyurethane SL for the New KapaK production area in St Helens

The seamless nature of the product is perfectly suited for hygienic areas such as food preparation, as the surface is hardwearing, easy to clean and does not harbour bacteria

The work was completed in a little over 3 weeks. The work commenced with the entire area being shot blasted and edge ground. All rough areas were ground back and repaired with Epoxy mortar, ensuring the entire area had the correct surface preparation

After the floor was shot blasted, edge ground and repaired, the area was laid in 1000 m² sections

The work was carried out over the Christmas/new year shut-down period to cause as little disruption to the schedule and building programme

We provided the client with a seamless Resin Finish with Blue pedestrian walkways, Red fork lift truck paths and buff production areas, to demarcate the different areas

What next?

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