CASE STUDY : Nightclub, Leeds

Leeds 1 Leeds 2

Speedy Solution…

Coatech were awarded the contract for the installation of the floors at the new 'Control Nightclub' in Leeds

Given the extremely short Contract period and the need for a Decorative but hard wearing finish, Degafloor MMA Fast Cure resin was specified as the finish

We first diamond ground the entire area to provide the necessary key for overcoating. The floor was then primed with Degafloor Fast Cure MMA primer and less than one hour later Degafloor Fast Cure Self Smoothing Screed was laid at an average 4mm thickness

Black flake was broadcast into the still wet screed, this to give a Decorative and slightly anti-slip finish. The floor was left overnight and then lightly ground to “de-nib” the flakes. Then the floor was sealed with two coats of sealer

On the main Dance floor, silver flake was incorporated within the Sealer to give a “Sparkle” finish which is highlighted by the strobe lights. The work was completed to a two day programme giving 'Control' an extremeley hard wearing decorative finish, which was essential to cope with the footfall of one of Europe's biggest nightclubs

What next?

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