CASE STUDY : Llangefni Boardwalk

Llangefni Boardwalk Llangefni 1

Natural and Anti-Slip…

Coatech Ltd were approached by “Menter Môn” who were installing a Timber Decking Walkway at “The Dingle”, Llangefni, on behalf of Anglesey Borough Council.

Previous applications of Timber Decking had been found to become slippery due to leaves blown from the trees, early morning dew or ice & frost.

Menter Môn contacted us and asked if we could help by making the boards Anti-Slip. The boards were delivered by Menter Môn to Coatech’s workshop where the Anti-Slip treatment was applied.

The boards were first Heat Blast with Hot Compressed Air to vaporise any moisture and remove any sap from the surface. The area to be treated was then carefully taped up and primed with “Adhesion Promoting” Epoxy Primer.

Whilst the Primer was still wet, the boards were screeded with Epoxy Mortar, this to fill in all of the grooves and to provide a smooth, flat finish for the Anti-Slip treatment. The boards were then coated with Industrial Grade “Road Resin” and scattered with Natural Quartz aggregate.

This has provided an extremely hard wearing, Anti-Slip finish to the main tread area of the walkways.

What next?

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