CASE STUDY : Lowry Hotel, Manchester

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Problem Solved…

Coatech was awarded the contract for urgent repair works that needed to be carried out to the exterior balcony of the Lowry Hotel due to ingress of damp

Coatech removed all decking and deck supports that made up the existing surface to gain access to the concrete underneath. The concrete was then scabbled/ ground back to remove all existing paint/laitance

The drain which ran along the length of the balcony was removed and dropped to ensure a good fall away from the building

A Waterproof SBR polymer screed and two coats of DPM primer were installed over a period of a couple of days and allowed to cure thoroughly

Coatech installed Flowcrete’s Flexible Deckshield Quartz broadcast system as the top surface dressing. The end result not only remedied the problem with water ingress but also provided a highly decorative, sealed, anti-slip finish

Polysulphide joints were then cut along the drain edges to allow for movement of the slab

Coatech carried out the works as quickly as possible to reduce disruption to this busy hotel and its guests

Mr Kienast, General Manager said "Your technical knowhow and advice in choosing the right processes and materials has been essential in reaching the best solution to our problems

During the work process and construction, your team understood to work closely together with us here, accommodating our needs in terms of timings to minimise disturbance to our guests, but yet to meet the tight schedule of completion of the work

The newly finished terrace has made a dramatic change and improvement in terms of appearance and longevity and satisfying the high level of quality and ambience our customers would expect from The Lowry Hotel"

What next?

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