CASE STUDY : Milklink

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Speedy Solution…

Llandyrnog Creamery asked Coatech if we could help with a problem with one of their main Production Room floors

The old tiles were broken and loose and the Cementitous underlayment was failing due to attack from the pH of the milk from the pasturisation process. Given the limited 'Shutdown' period available, the work had to be completed in only seven days to avoid disruption to the client’s production

The loose, broken tiles were first removed to expose the failing substrate. The failing substrate was then removed to expose the Concrete base. Coatech then installed an Epoxy D.P.M and onto this applied a new Fast Cure S.B.R. Cementitous sub-base, some 16 tonnes of New Screed!

The new screed was lightly ground to provide a key, primed with Epoxy Primer and then overlaid with a heavy duty 6mm thick Polyurethane screed.

John Kelly, Engineering Manager at the Creamery said "all the work has been completed to high standards of quality & the contract was completed on time, to agreed costs and in a prompt and professional manner"

What next?

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