CASE STUDY : Private Driveway Formby

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The Finishing Touch…

Coatech was approached by a client in Formby to install a new driveway to a new build property.The client wanted a solution to the problems he was experiencing with his current loose gravel driveway, namely, rutting from car tyres, the surface looking uneven and tracking stone into the home.

Firstly a tarmac base course and wearing course was laid, which was then heat blasted to remove any flux oils to ensure a good bonding to the substrate. The entire area was primed with an epoxy primer and then laid with Golden Pea Gravel 1-3mm and excess aggregate was mechanically swept off to leave a flawless finish.

This left the client with a textured, decorative, non slip finish that they were after, with none of the problems presented by loose gravel.

What next?

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