CASE STUDY : Volkwagon/ Audi Garage Workshop

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Anti-slip flooring for Volkswagon…

Coatech were contacted by Principal Contractor Watkin Jones and asked to provide an Anti-Slip Resin Floor to the new VW Workshop

Following discussion with one of our suppliers, Resin Surfaces Ltd, a specification was put forward and Coatech were pleased to be awarded the contract

The floor was first Shotblasted to remove all surface laitance and to provide the necessary key for overcoating. Then the floor was primed with Resuprime Epoxy Primer. Once cured the Resuprime was overlaid with Resuflor S.L at 2mm thickness

Then a coat of Resutop, a high-build, solvent-free epoxy was applied and into this a fine aggregate was scattered to provide the anti-slip

The floor was then coated with a further coat of Resutop, this in 'Light Grey' to the running aisles and 'Dark Grey' to the vehicle workbays. Finally white demarcation lines were applied throughout

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