Car Parks

Heavy-duty finishes for internal and external car parks

Car parking flooring systems have been specially developed to be able to withstand the conditions posed by such an environment

Highly durable to high volumes of vehicle trafficking, chemical attack from car oils etc de-icing salts, and exposure to elements such as rain and high and low temperatures

Demarcation can be used to segregate pedestrian walkways and direct vehicle traffic

With specifications varying from waterproof top decks, intermediate decks, ground bearing slabs, ramps entrance areas, walkways and staircases there is a system for every requirement

Crompton 1 Crompton 2


  • Underground car parks
  • Multi-story car parks
  • External car parks
  • Internal car parks
  • Ramps
  • Stairwells
  • Walkways


Easy to install Vast areas can be installed in a day, meaning the floor is serviceable again quickly

Anti-slip Highly anti-slip for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic, especially important where lighting may be reduced

Noise Reduction Especially important in multi-storey and underground car parks

High Resistance Highly chemical resistance to outside elements, car oils, etc and high resistance to abrasion from car tyres

Bespoke As most RAL colours are available, demarcation lines, zebra crossings, hatching, etc. can easily be added to your requirements


PREPARATION – Preparation includes, planing, shotblasting and diamond grinding dependent on surface quality

INSTALLATION– As there are many systems dependent on their location of use, many different products are available, ranging from water based coatings, high build epoxies and fast cure MMA resins which all vary in their application


Wide range of colours available, a few examples as follows;

Car Park 1 Car Park 2 Car Park 3 Car Park 4 Car Park 5
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Car Park 1
Car Park 2
Car Park 3
Car Park 4
Car Park 5

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