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Decorative Quartz

A highly decorative finish using coloured quartz aggregate to create a heavy duty, anti slip surface

Commercial decorative quartz systems are very popular in creating a hard wearing, durable anti slip finish both internally and externally

Quartz systems can be used in conjunction with standard epoxy or Polyurethane Resins or with fast cure MMA resins when timescales are more critical

Coving can be easily incorporated to provide a seamless transition from floor to wall, ideal for wet environments and commercial kitchens

A vast range of colours and colour combinations are available, with the possibility of completely bespoke blends to match corporate colours and logos.

Different aggregate grades are also available

Quartz 1 Quartz 2 Quartz 3 Quartz 4 Quartz 5


  • Showers/wet rooms/changing facilities
  • Commercial Kitchens
  • Stadiums
  • Food and drink areas
  • Education environments
  • Pool Surrounds
  • Balcony Systems
  • Stair nosings

FERFA TYPE : Being FERFA Type 4, this multi-layer flooring, aggregate dressed systems based on multiple layers of floor coatings or flow applied floorings is often described as sandwich systems. (medium – heavy duty) > 2 mm thickness.


Seamless and hygienic. The surface is completely sealed and seamless making it ideal for environments where cleanliness is a high priority.

Tailored slip resistance. The degree of anti-slip can be tailored to specific requirements and environment, from lightly textured to heavily textured surfaces.

Easy to clean and maintain. Due to its impervious nature, dirt and grime cannot be harboured. The surface is cleaned using a simple regime and can also be cleaned at high temperatures. Other systems such as tiles and vinyls do not last as long and harbour dirt in joints and seals.

Versatility. Quartz systems can easily be used on vertical surfaces and to form coves. This is popular in wetrooms and sterile environments as it can be easily washed down. The product is widely used for many internal and external applications and across all market sectors.

Highly Resistant to wear and tear. Quartz is a multi-layer system comprising of primer, body coat and sealer coats making them ideal for highly trafficked areas and creating a durable, hardwearing surface.


PREPARATION – The surface is prepared via diamond grinding or scabbling to provide a key for overcoating.

INSTALLATION – The floor is primed and then the quartz is either broadcast into a wet bodycoat of Resin and allowed to cure, or applied by trowel if used on ramps, inclines or declines. Once this system is cured the quartz is swept and vacuum cleaned and up to 3 seal coats applied dependent on specification.


Wide range of colours available, a few examples as follows;

Quartz 1 Quartz 2 Quartz 3 Quartz 4 Quartz 5
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Quartz 1
Quartz 2
Quartz 3
Quartz 4
Quartz 5

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