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Decorative Recycled Glass

A colourful surfacing option for a wide range of projects

Coloured glass is used more and more especially in the education sector to create a highly visual, modern finish.

It can be used to create designs, logos, walkways etc and has a wide range of potential uses. Made from recycled glass, it is a highly environmentally friendly surfacing option.

With bright bold colours through to more subtle blends, this product can bring life to tired urban areas or bring a unique look of any landscaping project.

Glass 1 Glass 2 Glass 3 Glass 4 Glass 5


  • Pathways
  • Logos
  • Feature areas
  • Schools
  • Urban regeneration


Crisp and modern. With the large variety of colours and used in conjunction with stainless steel edgings, it provides a crisp, modern look.

Create an impression. Can be used alongside standard Resin bound aggregates to provide a modern, contemporary finish.

Diverse. Create custom designs, logos, lettering and shapes in a large variety of colours and size gradings of glass.

Permeable. Doesn’t hold surface water, fully compliant with SUDS regulations ensuring that surface water is returned to the water table.


Glass is put into a forced action mixer to start blending together. The resin is mixed separately by slow speed mixing paddle and added to the glass in the forced action mixer. This is left to thoroughly blend and then decanted into wheelbarrows transported to the area to be laid and poured onto the substrate. It is then trowel applied to the substrate by hand. The surface is trowelled smooth and scattered with a glass bead to enhance anti slip. Final thickness of the surface is determined by its usage.

The surface can normally receive light foot traffic after approximately 4-6 hours, however we recommend that vehicular traffic is kept of the surface overnight and ideally for 24 hours.


Wide range of colours available, a few examples as follows;

Glass 1 Glass 2 Glass 3 Glass 4 Glass 5
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Glass 1
Glass 2
Glass 3
Glass 4
Glass 5

What next?

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