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Resin Bound Surfacing

Providing a durable, highly decorative surface

Resin Bound surfacing is a system where the aggregate is encapsulated in resin to create a smooth, porous finish which is fully compliant with new regulations for surface water drainage (SUDS regulations)

We carry out a wide variety of commercial projects for contractors ranging from small jobs up to work in excess of 4000m²

We work closely with architects and suppliers to ensure the correct specifications are put forward, as every job has different requirements

With over 15 years experience in this market, Coatech has the industry knowledge to provide the best advice possible, and we work with the UK’s leading resin manufacturers to ensure the highest possible quality finish

Resin Bound 1 Resin Bound 2 Resin Bound 3 Resin Bound 4 Resin Bound 5


  • Parks
  • Cycleways
  • Urban regeneration
  • Pavements/pathways
  • Retail
  • Pool surrounds


Durable. Hard wearing and long-lasting, suitable for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Permeable. Doesn’t gather surface water, fully compliant with SUDS regulations ensuring that surface water is returned to the water table, no need for planning permission.

Low maintenance. Easy to clean and maintain.

Smooth finish. No loose stones and perfect for areas trafficked by wheelchairs, pushchairs, bikes and small children.

Extensive choice. Wide range of aggregates available from standard colour ranges to more bespoke colours, designs and even the incorporation of logos.


PREPARATION – normally laid onto a base course tarmac, the surface must be free from detritus and clean.

INSTALLATION – Your chosen aggregates are firstly put into a forced action mixer to start blending together. The resin is mixed separately by slow speed mixing paddle and added to the stone in the forced action mixer. This is left to thoroughly mix and then decanted into wheelbarrows, it is then transported to the laying area, poured onto the base and then trowel applied to a smooth finish.

The smooth trowelled finish is scattered with a glass bead to enhance anti slip.

The surface can normally receive light foot traffic after approximately 4-6 hours, however we recommend that traffic is kept off the surface overnight and vehicular traffic only after 24 hours.

Typical installation depths vary from 12mm to 24mm, the actual thickness at which it is laid is dependent on usage and types of trafficking.


Wide range of colours available, a few examples as follows;

Resin Bound 1 Resin Bound 2 Resin Bound 3 Resin Bound 4 Resin Bound 5
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Resin Bound 1
Resin Bound 2
Resin Bound 3
Resin Bound 4
Resin Bound 5

What next?

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