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Resin Treepits

Porous surfacing system with numerous advantages

Resin bound treepits are becoming popular in many types of landscaping projects.

The porous system allows water and nutrients to pass through the surface with ease and direct to the roots. As a result the system is fully complaint with new SUDS drainage regulations.

Typical installation depth is from 50 mm to 75mm using a 10mm sized aggregate.

The system has numerous other advantages in that it is low maintenance and solves a wide variety of problems posed by litter and bark.

Resin Treepits 1 Resin Treepits 2 Resin Treepits 3 Resin Treepits 4


  • Urban Regeneration
  • Parks and gardens
  • Retail settings
  • Car Parks
  • Education settings
  • Visitor Attractions
  • Public spaces


High visual impact. The decorative nature of the aggregate has a high visual impact to complement surroundings and buildings.

Anti-slip. The surface is anti slip and can be enhanced with a light glass bead broadcast over the curing surface, ideal for busy pedestrian areas.

Cost effective. Cheaper than installing more expensive street furniture such as steel grates/grilles which often rust over time. Other options such as bark is not only messy but easily blown away and needs to be replaced regularly.

Low Maintenance. With very little care and attention required after installation and are very low maintenance. No watering is needed as rain and surface water and nutrients can soak through to the roots.


PREPARATION – The base of the tree pits are first filled with the correct thickness of loose porous aggregate, this is then well compacted.

INSTALLATION – The product is mixed by forced action mixer and resin added to the stone. This is allowed to blend and then poured into the Tree Pit and trowelled smooth around the tree. Normally some form of collar is placed around the tree to enable it to grown easily.


Wide range of colours available, a few examples as follows;

Treepit 1 Treepit 2 Treepit 3 Treepit 4 Treepit 5
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Treepit 1
Treepit 2
Treepit 3
Treepit 4
Treepit 5

What next?

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