Have you seen a resin failure, this may be why

Resins are fantastic systems when they are laid correctly. Yes, resin installations can go wrong, but there is often an obvious reason for this, which is easily avoidable by choosing a reputable contractor

Unfortunately, there are numerous contractors out there cutting corners and using inferior products giving rise to such problems, and giving a good system a bad name. Sadly, we are often asked by clients to come and rectify another contractor’s work. Here are the top issues we come across when putting right failed projects, so you can protect yourself :-

1. Inferior resins are used

NON UV PIC BLOG Unfortunately, many contractors look to save costs by using cheap resins. It is very easy for anybody to get hold of wholesale resins these day, from manufacturers who have no quality management systems or contractor vetting procedures in place, and whose only aim is to sell to the mass market.

Their products are cheap for a reason and simply do not last as a resin surface should. See our blog on 'The importance of UV Resins' for more information.

2. Incorrect Sub-base

Installing resins correctly requires extensive technical knowledge of not just the product but the correct installation conditions.

Be wary if a contractor is willing to install on a sub-base which is unstable, such as flagstones, as this can lead to problems down the line. A site visit will always be required to determine if the sub-base is suitable, and any reputable contractor will always assess this before proceeding.

3. The wrong equipment is used

Investing in the correct machinery and preparation equipment is important, to carry out the work correctly and to achieve a high quality finish. Unfortunately, there are many contractors out there looking to save on such costs to allow them to undercut others. In our time we’ve seen all manner of shortcuts being taken by others which affects the quality of the installation.

Do your checks to ensure that the contractor has the correct tools for the job.... A cement mixer for installing resins?? A big no-no!

4. Lack of Training

DANNY TRAINING If you have a look around you’ll come across many, many companies claiming to be ‘resin experts,’ unfortunately, this if often taken at face value, when in fact this is often not the case.

Becoming a qualified Resin Floor layer by trade is not a skill you acquire overnight, nor by going on a quick ‘2 day’ training course, as offered by many wholesale resin suppliers. For many contractors this ‘2 day course’ is the only formal training they have had.

As one of our Resin Apprentices, Danny (third left) will tell you, it takes a lot of time, study and commitment to build up the necessary skills and experience. Installing resins correctly requires years of technical expertise, which is why we support FeRFA's NVQ upskilling programme to ensure our staff have the right skills and knowledge. Obtaining such a qualification takes a minimum of two years to achieve.

Do your homework and make sure that the contractor you propose to use has the relevant skills, qualifications and experience. If they haven’t been installing resins long or are a relatively new company, chances are, they haven't.

5. Weather Conditions

Unfortunately, rain and moisture do not mix well with resin. High humidity and inclement weather can affect the surface whilst it is being installed which can cause issues in the final surface.

It can be disappointing to hear that the start date of your project will have to be postponed due to weather, and believe us, this frustrates us just as much as our clients. There are however, many contractors that will take the risk on the weather to ‘get the job done’ and hope that being caught out by a few light showers won’t matter.

Of course, the weather is unpredictable (add ‘weather forecasting’ to our list of roles!) but a good resin contractor will always be monitoring the weather and [whilst disappointing to hear] won’t be afraid about aborting a project so that it can be done in the correct conditions at a later date.

A good contractor will never install a resin surface when the weather conditions aren’t correct, and will do their due diligence by doing necessary checks to ensure conditions are right before proceeding with any work on the day of installation.

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