Resin Bonded Stone Surfacing

Resin Bonded Stone is very popular due to its decorative and slip-resistant properties and adds an instant impact to your home’s appearance with a natural stone finish. Choose from a wide range of natural aggregates in colours to complement your home.

The aggregates are scattered into a specially formulated resin to achieve a hardwearing, textured surface giving the appearance of loose natural gravel, but fully bonded to the substrate below.

It can be used on a wide range of applications such as driveways, paths, patios, ramps and steps



Extensive choice

Wide range of aggregates available to complement your home.
anti slip-34

Slip resistant

Textured finish provides a highly slip-resistant surface, great for access ramps and steep driveways. It also provides a high friction surface during icy or snowy conditions.

Low maintenance

Weed resistant and easy to clean with only an occasional jet wash required.

No mess

Gives the appearance of loose gravel but without the mess. Fully bonded so it does not move, migrate or wash away as with loose gravel.


Hard wearing and long-lasting.

Limited disruption

Unlike Block Paving, there is no need for excavation; we can lay over any sound substrate such as concrete and tarmac.


The surface is firstly primed with either concrete primers or pore fillers if laid onto tarmac and the surface is porous. Any surface repairs are carried out prior to the installation.


A body coat of resin is applied to the substrate at a precise thickness to hold the aggregate and your chosen aggregate is broadcast into the wet resin and left to cure. Once cured the surface is thoroughly swept with an industrial sweeper to remove the loose aggregate.


How long will it last?

Resin Bonded Stone is a very resilient system utilising technologies developed for highway surfacing in high friction areas such as roundabouts and junctions. As such areas with high levels of trafficking are no problem.

For normal domestic use, the functional life span of Resin Bonded surfacing is about 15 years.

What can it be installed on?

Resin Bonded Surfacing can be installed onto good smooth concrete or onto a tarmac wearing course.

How long does it take to install?

The installation of a Resin Bonded Stone driveway is typically a 3-day process. All preparation works and surface repairs (if required) are carried out on Day 1. On Day 2 the installation is carried out and on Day 3 the surface is given its final sweep.

Will the stone become loose?

After its initial sweep on completion, it is normal once trafficked for approximately 1-5% of stone to come loose over the lifetime of the surface. In no way does this affect the performance or integrity of the surface

How long before I can use my new surface?

It is fine to walk on the surface approximately 2-4 hours after installation. We recommend that vehicles are kept off the surface overnight.

How thick is the surface?

Normal thickness for this system is around 3-5mm dependent on the size of aggregate chosen

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