Resin Bound Stone Surfacing

Resin Bound Stone can be used to create beautiful bespoke surfaces to transform your driveways, pathways, patios and pool surrounds

Natural aggregates are blended with a specially formulated resin, which is hand trowelled to create a smooth, highly decorative, porous and long-lasting finish to complement any area

Available in a wide range of colours to complement your home, a Resin Bound Stone Surface adds instant kerb appeal to your property.




We work with only the best resin suppliers to provide you with substantial product and insurance backed guarantees

Low Maintenance

Unlike other surfaces such as block paving, Resin Bound Stone is weed and moss resistant. Its permeable nature allows surface water to drain away and so is frost resistant in the winter months

UV stable

The natural colour of your surface will remain over time and will not yellow or discolour unlike some cheaper grades of resin on the market

Wide range of colours

Wide range of colours to complement your home, and endless design possibilities from logos to patterns.


Incredibly hardwearing and long-lasting Resin Bound Stone is designed with a lifespan of around 20 years


Smooth finish ideal for pedestrian and vehicular access as well as users of bikes, wheelchairs and pushchairs. Its smooth, seamless surface means there are no trip hazards

Minimal disruption

Fast installation and large areas can be installed seamlessly. Can be overlaid over existing sound substrates with no need to excavate or obtain planning permission


Water permeates through the surface and back into the water table, meaning it is compliant with new SUDS regulations for drainage.


Your chosen aggregates are firstly put into a forced action mixer to start blending together. The resin is mixed separately by slow speed mixing paddle and added to the Stone in the forced action mixer. This is left to thoroughly mix and then decanted into wheelbarrows transported to the area to be laid and poured onto the substrate.

The surface is then hand-trowelled smooth and scattered with a glass bead to enhance slip resistance.


What surfaces can it be installed over?

Any sound sub-base such as tarmac or concrete. We can repair any surface cracks prior to the installation.

How is it installed?

The resin and aggregates are blended together in a special forced-action mixer to fully encapsulate the aggregates with resin. The surface is then hand-trowelled to a smooth flat finish by our highly-skilled team.

How thick is the surface?

Depending upon usage and aggregate size, it will usually be installed at a depth of between 12mm and 24mm. The final thickness is determined by its usage.

How quickly can it be installed?

Dependent upon the size of the area, in many cases we can seamlessly install upwards of 250 m² in a day meaning there is minimal disruption

How soon can I use the surface?

The surface can normally receive light foot traffic after approximately 4-6 hours, however we recommend that vehicular traffic is kept of the surface overnight and ideally for 24 hours

How do I keep it clean?

The occasional sweep and light pressure wash is all that is needed to keep your surface looking its best. Resin Bound Stone requires very little maintenance and we will provide you with an ‘Aftercare’ guide which explains how to remove common stains.

How much does it cost?

As every project is different, it is very difficult to give a budget cost without a site visit. There are many factors that affect cost such as:
  • Any preparation works which may be required
  • Choice of colour
  • Anticipated usage i.e vehicular/ pedestrian
We are happy to provide a free, no obligation quotation

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