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Internal Self-Snoothers

Bright, vibrant self-smoothing epoxy resin screeds available in a extensive colours palette

Self-Smoothers deliver a modern, crisp, vibrant finish and are available in an extensive palette of colours.

Their product features mean they are a very versatile system well suited to a large number of applications in the home such as kitchens and garages. Clients can choose from a wide colour range to complement their interior décor.

Their ease to clean and durability make this a popular choice and high gloss finishes enhance the natural light within room.

These systems are typically laid between 2 - 4mm onto a sound substrate.

Domestic SL 1 Domestic SL 2 Domestic SL 3 Domestic SL 4


  • Garages
  • Kitchens
  • Bedrooms
  • Lounges
  • Hallways


Easy to install. Quick and easy to install; large surface areas can be installed in a short time frame.

High resistance. Good Impact, abrasion and chemical resistance.

Hard Wearing & Durable. Much longer lasting than carpet or vinyl, can be cleaned to provide a constant high gloss finish.

High gloss; highly reflective. High gloss finishes reflect and enhance the natural light within the room.

Tailored floors. Floors can be tailored to meet individual client’s needs, by adding decorative flake and glitters. The client can also choose if they want their surface to be anti slip, and from ‘comfort floor’ options which provide a softer surface underfoot.

Seamless and Hygienic. Easy to clean and resistant to the harbouring of bacteria due to seamless application.


PREPARATION – The surface is first prepared by diamond grinding. The surface is then vacuumed to remove all dust. The surface is then primed using the correct substrate primer.

INSTALLATION – The 3 pack resin is mixed either by large mixing paddle or suitable mixer ensuring the product is thoroughly mixed, the product is then trowel applied and a spiked roller is used to finish the floor.


Wide range of Standard and Custom colours available, a few examples as follows;

SL 1 SL 2 SL 3 SL 4 SL 5
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SL 1
SL 2
SL 3
SL 4
SL 5

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