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Fast-Cure Cementitious Screeds

SBR Polymer/ Hand Laid or Pumped Screeds and Underlayments

Hand Laid or Pumped Fast-cure Polymer Screeds provide both a functional need, but also a number of key advantages over alternatives such as concrete.

Where a total base build up is required, or ‘falls’ to drains need to be constructed, these systems are quick to install.
The curing times of both hand-laid and pumped screeds are minimal and they can usually be overlaid in just 24 hours reducing downtime in production.

These screeds have a very high tensile strength and SBR Screeds can also be made waterproof.

Hand Laid SBR Polymer Screeds
Typically Hand Laid SBR screeds are laid on smaller projects that require the floor to be “enveloped” or sloped down to drains for better drainage. They cure very quickly but installation can take more time than Pumped screeds.

Pumped Screeds
When reduced downtime is essential, then using a pumped screed is the best way to install your floor, which is ideal for short shutdown periods

Fast Cure 1 Fast Cure 2 Fast Cure 3


  • Wet rooms
  • Dairies
  • Food production areas
  • Changing rooms
  • Automotive


Quick curing times Curing times for these screeds are considerably quicker than standard concrete, meaning they can be overlaid in a matter of days instead of weeks, minimising production downtime.

Quick installation Pumped screeds enable large areas to be installed in a short space of time.

Distinct advantages over concrete Other advantages include minimal shrinkage/cracking, improved flexibility and strength and better impact, abrasion and frost resistance.

Waterproofing and water-resistant The ability to make SBR screeds waterproof means reduced permeability.

  • Improved performance for thinner, bonded screeds
  • Directly in contact with the slab (unbonded or bonded)


PREPARATION – The surface is prepared via scabbling or diamond grinding to provide the necessary key and vacuumed clean to remove all dust. Any surface repairs are carried out.

INSTALLATION – The surface is primed. Using either a crete angle mixer for hand laid SBR polymer screeds or Screed Pump for bigger more open areas, the screed can be laid at the desired thickness and left to cure.

What next?

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