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Resin Coatings

Surface coatings for light /medium trafficked areas

Resin coatings provide a very cost effective, seamless heavy-duty finish.

Epoxies are high-build, durable coatings much thicker than floor paints, and are applied typically between 150 and 1000 microns thick.

Polyurethane resins also have chemical resistant properties, perfect for areas where fuels are used, such as the aviation and automotive industry.

The floor can be tailored to create a high degree of slip resistance with different graded sands and aggregates.

Resin Coatings 1 Resin Coatings 2 Resin Coatings 3 Resin Coatings 4


  • Plant rooms
  • Clean-rooms
  • Workshops
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Manufacturing
  • Warehousing
  • Automotive
  • Aviation


Type 2 ; floor coating (light – medium duty) 150 – 300 microns thick. Type 3 ; high-build floor coating (medium duty) 300-1000 microns thick.


High visual impact Extensive colour options to choose from making them perfect for line marking and demarcating areas. High gloss and matt options are available too.

Anti-slip Able to incorporate graded sands, quartz or aggregate to provide an anti-slip finish.

Durable As coatings are thicker that conventional floor paints, they are very durable and hardwearing.

Resistant Epoxies and Polyurethane coatings both provide excellent resistance to chemical attack.


PREPARATION – The floor is first prepared by diamond grinding or shot blasting. The floor is vacuumed again, to ensure that dust is fully removed.

INSTALLATION – As a standard, two coats of epoxy is applied by flat squeegee and roller. Specification may include a first primer coat, dependent on usage of the floor and quality of the substrate.


Wide range of colours available, a few examples as follows;

Resin Coating 1 Resin Coating 2 Resin Coating 3 Resin Coating 4 Resin Coating 5 Resin Coating 6
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Resin Coating 1
Resin Coating 2
Resin Coating 3
Resin Coating 4
Resin Coating 5
Resin Coating 6

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