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Self-smoothing finishes

Self-smoothing polyurethane or epoxy resins create a seamless, even floor finish. They are a hygienic, durable system normally laid at 2 to 4 mm.These systems are suitable for aggressive industrial environments with resistance to thermal shock and chemical attack.

Heavy duty systems can withstand heavy loads and constant trafficking from pallet trucks and forklifts.

Self-Smoothers are a very versatile system, well suited to a number of industries and applications.

Its ease to clean and durability make this product a popular choice, as does the completely seamless finish achieved.

Anti-static and anti-microbial grades are also available.

SL 1 SL 2 SL 3 SL 4


  • Food production areas
  • Automotive Sectors
  • Warehousing and distribution
  • Pharmaceutical and laboratories
  • Aerospace
  • Factories


Type 5; flow applied flooring (Medium – Heavy Duty) 2 mm to 4 mm.


Easy to install Upwards of 800 m can be installed in a day, meaning the floor is serviceable again quickly

High resistance Impact, abrasion and good chemical resistance

Hard Wearing & Durable Specifications for medium and heavy use and trafficking by pedestrians, pallet trucks, forklifts and vehicles

Heath and Safety Widely used to demarcate walkways, pathways, traffic zones etc. Aggregates can be incorporated for extra anti-slip

Seamless and Hygienic Easy to clean and resistant to the harbouring of bacteria due to seamless application


Preparation –the floor is first prepared by diamond grinding or shot blasting.

Prime –priming will depend on quality of the substrate and whether a DPM exists.

Installation –hand mixed and trowel or squeegee or pin rake applied. Spike roller to remove air bubbles.


Wide range of colours available, a few examples as follows;

SL1 SL 2 SL 3 SL 4 SL 5
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SL 2
SL 3
SL 4
SL 5

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