Rubber Crumb / Wetpour Safety Surfacing & Rubber Mulch

Impact absorbing surface using recycled rubber tyres for use in areas where safety is a high priority

Rubber Crumb / Wetpour

Wetpour rubber crumb is a porous system that can be installed to flat, mounded or ramped surfaces. It can be installed onto various sub-bases such as Tarmac, MOT Type 1 and Concrete

The surface course is manufactured from recycled rubber crumb which is bonded using a urethane resin. The depth of the surface course will depend on the ‘Critical Fall Height’ of any play equipment above.

Rubber crumb comes in an array of vibrant colours and we are able to cater for bespoke design requirements

Rubber Mulch

Rubber Mulch was developed for use in playgrounds and landscape projects to replace traditional bark. The rubber is 100% recycled, made from shredded and graded tyres which are then coloured to give a bark like appearance

The rubber mulch, like rubber crumb, is then mixed with a resin binder until it is fully coated. This is then rolled and compacted which leaves a natural look without the hassle and mess of loose bark

Rubber Crumb & Mulch 1 Rubber Crumb & Mulch 2


  • Playgrounds
  • Playareas
  • Stable blocks/equestrian centres
  • Pool Surrounds
  • Children’s paddling pools
  • Visitor attractions
  • Nurseries and Schools
  • Sports grounds


Safety Impact absorbent; provides protection from slips, trips and falls.

Durable and Low maintenance Easy to clean and long lasting; made from high quality rubber.

Wide Colour Choice Attractive range of lightfast colours from brights to neutrals give a high visual impact.

Patterns and Designs Endless graphic design options for demarcation, logos, bespoke designs etc.

Environmentally Friendly Made from 100% recycled rubber tyres.


PREPARATION – All necessary work is carried out to the sub-base as required. This could vary from total installation of the sub-base and edging work.

INSTALLATION– The black SBR rubber base is first installed to the correct thickness determined by the fall heights of any surface equipment. The rubber is combined with a moisture curing resin in a forced action mixer, then hand-trowelled and compacted by a roller. Finally the EPDM coloured rubber topping is installed and is mixed and laid in the same manner as the base.


Wide variety of colours from the RAL spectrum available. Custom colours and blends also possible.

Rubber Crumb 1 Rubber Crumb 2 Rubber Crumb 3 Rubber Crumb 4 Rubber Crumb 5 Mulch 1 Mulch 2 Mulch 3 Mulch 4
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Rubber Crumb 1
Rubber Crumb 2
Rubber Crumb 3
Rubber Crumb 4
Rubber Crumb 5
Mulch 1
Mulch 2
Mulch 3
Mulch 4

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